Gymboree Play and Music


Today we went to preview the open gym at Gymboree Play and Music!  Paige was a little concerned at first, but she quickly warmed up and had a great time playing, climbing, sliding, crawling, and laughing.  Eric is going to take her for her 1st class next week and then we will sign her up for weekly classes!

Christmas 2010


DSC_0391.jpgDSC_0239.jpgDSC 0341b.jpgDSC_0036.jpg

We had a very nice Christmas Day this year.  First, Paige got to open her gifts from us and from Santa.  Then, Eric’s parents and sister Melissa came over to see us.  Next, we went to my parents house for Christmas lunch.  Paige had fun all day but was ready for her afternoon nap!  Then, we had a relaxing evening at home just the 3 of us 🙂

Paige also got to enjoy a kind of white Christmas!  It didn’t stick, but it snowed throughout most of the day!

We Got It!

We finally got a video of Paige doing her series of actions on command.  She points to her belly, points to her hair, shakes her head yes and no, waves, blows a kiss, rolls her hands, and claps!

Fall Festival Fun!


Tonight we went to Valleydale Baptist Fall Festival with our friends Carlie and David and it was practically like being at a fair/carnival!  Paige was too young for most everything this year, but she had a lot of fun swinging, eating, and hanging out with her friends!  We can’t wait to go back next year but hopefully it will be cooler….Paige was on fire in her little bumble bee outfit!

2 month checkup


Paige went for her 2 month check up today!  She now weighs 12 pounds 11 ounces and is 24 1/4 inches long (she gained about 2 pounds and 2 inches in a month)!!!  She is in the 90th-97th percentile for length, weight, and head circumference. 

 She also got her first major round of immunizations (polio, HIB, DTaP, Rotavirus, and PCV), which she did not enjoy one bit!   But, she did calm down pretty quickly afterward.

Paige’s First Drive in my Car


Today we went to Grandma and Grandpa Carroll’s house and Paige went for her first ride in my car.  I had to go to work while Susan went to a conference so the Carroll’s babysat!

Paige’s First Video Chat


Paige, Melissa (my sister) and I were the first to video chat together using Skype.  It was an exciting conversation about Melissa moving down to the University of Alabama.  Paige did not participate very much in the conversation.

Paige’s first shopping trip!


We all went to Babies R Us today which was Paige’s first shopping trip.  We purchased lots of stuff for Paige and she was good while she was there.

Another photo shoot? Is that even possible?


Yes, it is possible.  Paige’s third photo shoot with my sister Meredith.  You can check out her website and her blog where there are photos of Paige.

Paige’s first car trip!

Our last get away before Paige


Nothing really exciting but we went to a movie (The Hangover) together for a little get away before the last preparations before Paige coming.