18 month’s old!!


Paige is 18 months old today!

– The biggest change in the last 3 months is that now Paige is a walker.  In fact, she is such a good walker that she very rarely crawls.  She has absolutely realized that walking is the best mode of transportation

– She now has 8 top teeth and 8 bottom teeth, although 4 of those are her canine teeth which have just started to come through

– She is still communicating a lot , but still not many actual words.  She says “ow” when she sees a cat (like saying “meow”), she says “da da” and “daddy”, “ma ma”, “apple”, “no”, “hey”, “bye bye”, “tick tock” , “baby” and she says “do” or “da” for dog.  She also says “hello” when a phone rings and puts her hand to her face.   My mom has also heard her say her version of “do it again” but she has not done that at home. But, it is clear that she understands much more that she can actually say.  She is also quite effective at pointing and shaking her head no

– Three months ago, she can do the following by vocal command only:  wave bye bye, clap her hands, shake her head yes and no, roll her hands, point to her belly (she sometimes pulls her shirt or dress up to point to her bare belly) , point to her hair, point to her nose, cough, and blow a kiss.  Now she can also point to her feet, teeth, hands, ear and eye.  She can also point to all those body parts on us.  She can also give us a “5” when asked.

– She is stating to do a lot of pretend play.  She will try and feed her stuffed animals.

– She can also brush/comb her own hair and brush her own teeth

– She can take off her own socks and shoes.  I have learned a lesson in only buying shoes for this age that she can’t get off!

– She is still very good natured and an overall happy toddler but is still shy and needs time to warm up to people that she does not know well.

-She now sleeps with a toy or two in her bed.  We had a period where she would not go to sleep without one of her babies.

– She now loves to give kisses.  If you ask her for a kiss, she will pucker up and say “mmmmm”

– Bath time is improving.  She still does not like to get her hair rinsed, but she does not get too upset about it anymore

– Her sleep schedule is still basically the same.  She is sleeping 13+ hours a night!  She usually goes to bed between 8:00 and 9:00 pm and gets up at about 10:00 am.  She has dropped her morning nap completely and still has her 3 hour nap from about 3-6 pm every day.  But, we have found that you can shorten that nap and she will still be happy

–  She is still a tummy sleeper, often with her knees up on her chest.  We are actually starting to wonder if she is going to be a sleep walker one day.  You can watch her on the camera and will will occasionally be moving around, standing up, etc then seconds later back to sleep

– She has become a much more picky eater.  She has about 15 ounces of milk per day, water, and eats meals 3 times a day and 2 snacks.  She likes bread products and cheese the most, but she will eat chicken (if in the mood) and fruit.  She used to love yogurt, but has totally stopped eating it.  She can feed herself with a spoon, although messy, but she feeds herself just about everything she eats.

– She weighs 23 pounds  (25-50th percentile), is 33 1/4 inches long (90th percentile), and still has a 19 inch (90th percentile) Wilson head 🙂

– She has remained extremely healthy!  She did have a few weeks with minor congestion and runny nose, but it did not even phase her

– Her hair is still growing fast and I usually put it up in a top knot or 2 little pigtails

– She is still wearing size 3 diapers.  At night we give her a size 3 with a size 4 on top to help with leaks during her long night of sleep.

– She is wearing 12-18 month size clothes for the most part, although tops in 18-24 fit nicely.

– She still has quite small feet.  She is about a 4 1/2 and wears a size 5 right now

– Her favorite toys are still books.  But, her second favorite is probably her stuffed giraffe.  She still has not latched on to 1 comfort item.

– She still loves looking at pictures and videos on the computer or iphone (especially of herself) 🙂  She also loves playing with some iphone apps.

– She still loves to go places and is a fantasic, patient shopper

– She is still super cute 🙂

She’s a walker!

Paige finally took more than 1 step today!!!  She took about 3 steps with my mom this afternoon and this evening she took 5 steps with us!  I have a feeling our lives are about to change in a big way 🙂