Paige was a precious little bumble bee this halloween!


We only took her to my parent’s house this year to trick or treat and they gave her some of her favorite age appropriate treats (cherrios, apple crisps, and a granola bar)!  Paige also had her first taste of chocolate (Nestle Crunch) and LOVED it!  I would give her a tiny bite and she would shake her head “yes”.  So cute!

Fall Festival Fun!


Tonight we went to Valleydale Baptist Fall Festival with our friends Carlie and David and it was practically like being at a fair/carnival!  Paige was too young for most everything this year, but she had a lot of fun swinging, eating, and hanging out with her friends!  We can’t wait to go back next year but hopefully it will be cooler….Paige was on fire in her little bumble bee outfit!