Trent is 3 months old!

Trent is 3 months old today!!!  Here is a list of some of his milestones and other things about him:


-He is really good natured and loves to smile, coo, and laugh…especially when you stick your tongue out at him.  He will even imitate you and stick his tongue out.    When he smiles, he smiles with his whole face, especially his eyes J

– He rarely cries unless he is hungry or super tired, but when he does, he is super loud and demanding.

– He does not like paci’s.  His sister did not either.

– He had a spit up problem early on, but that has improved a good bit over the past month.

-He has discovered his hands and will suck on them if we are not fast enough to the bottle.  He has also grasped toys.

– He can roll over from belly to back

-It’s still hard to tell what color his eyes will be.  If I remember right, it was clear that Paige’s would be brown by this age because they were so dark, but his do still have some blue to them.

– He is STRONG!  He can stand on his own (with support of course) and has been able to do that since about a month old.  He also has a super solid kick.  He can hold himself up to 90 degrees during tummy time and can kind of do a mini-pushup.  He can hold his head up really well, but his motions are still not terribly fluid.

– He can keep his head level with his body when he is pulled into a sitting position

– He has been able to track objects 180 degrees for quite a while now, but his movements are still jerky.

– He is starting to drool like his big sister did, but not nearly as bad as her J

– He enjoys bath time, especially when I spray him.  He will open his mouth to try and get water in his mouth.

– He has had very bizarre hair growth.  He has the normal balding patch on the back of the head, but he lost pretty much all this hair on the top and sides at about 2 months.  But, now that hair has grown back.  This may be a bad sign for male pattern baldness in the future J

– He is a super sleeper just like his sister, but still not huge stretches at night.  He will take a couple 4+ hour naps and then about 9 hours at night.  He usually naps about 3 times per day.

– He is a big eater….about 5  7 ounce bottles per day of breast milk.  He often needs another 2-3 ounces to get full and sometimes has a whole extra bottle a day.

– He weighs about  17 pounds, according to our bathroom scale.

– He is currently wearing size 2 diapers, but could (and probably should) wear a 3 now.  He will be in 3’s when we finish the box of 2’s that we have for him.  Diaper changing a boy has been an experience so far…..

– He is wearing 3-6 month clothes and has been for about a month.  In fact, even the 6 month onesies are starting to get too tight.  He sleeps in a swaddle blanket, but we had to buy a size Large for him to fit!  Paige wore the S/M size until at least 6 months old!

– He has huge feet!  He has outgrown 6 month socks and 12 month socks are a little small!  I haven’t really tired his shoes on yet to see what size he will wear, but I’m sure I bought him tons of shoes that he won’t even be able to wear!

– He really loves his sister, and she loves him.  He will smile and coo at her when she comes over to give him a hug or kiss.

– He is super cute

Paige got her nails painted!

Wow that took a little while. 🙂 Paige was playing with her makeup kit and was pretending to paint her nails. When Susan ask Paige want to paint your nails for real? Paige said yes then Susan grabbed the nail polish and started painted! 🙂