Trent is 6 months old!

Trent is 6 months old today!!! Here is a list of some of his milestones and other things about him:

– He is a super smile baby and loves to laugh

– he can easily grasp objects and pass objects from one hand to the other. He loves to put toys in his mouth.

– He does not have a favorite toy, but he loves to hang out in his exersaucer

– He can roll over both ways, but can be lazy about goign from back to tummy

– He is working on sitting. He can sit by himself for a few seconds, but rarely longer than that

– He is easily distracted, especially by his big sister

– He has started to babble a bit. His first word was “da”

– He seems to have my hair, which gets oily after only a day. And it looks like he is goign to have blue eyes like his daddy!

– He is very sweet and loves attention. No stranger anxiety yet

– He is still using his pumpkin seat, but he is so huge that he barely fits in it anymore!

– Just like his sister, he does not like paci’s and he rarely sucks his thumb. Not sure how we got so lucky on that twice!

– He is a drooler and lives in a bib

– He is now sleeping about 12-13 hours a night just like his sister did at this age! He usually goes to bed around 8:00 pm and gets up at about 9:00 am or later on the weekeneds. But, since Paige is in school, he has to get up at 8:00 on school days. He also usually takes a short nap at my parents house and 2-3 hour nap late afternoon. Unfortunatley, this means that I only get to see him about 2 hours a day during the work week 🙁

– He still likes to sleep on his back, but he will often roll himself over in the morning or rotate himself all around the crib before we get him up

– He still does not have any teeth. Paige had 2 by this age!

– He is a eater!!! He has about 4-5 8 ounce bottles of breast milk per day and just started eating solids. He is not a fan of straight baby food, so we mix it with rice. He tried apples first and was not a fan!

– He weighs 21 pounds 3 ounces (97th percentile) and is 28.2 inches (97th percentile).

– He is wearing size 3 diapers and we deal with blowouts on a near daily basis. He is one messy boy!

– He has been wearing size 6-9 or 6-12 month clothes. In fact, the 9 month clothes are starting to get pretty snug! It’s sad how many outfits I have bought him that he will never get to wear!

– She is still super cute 🙂

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