Paige is 3!

Paige is 3 years old today!  Here are some of the things she can do and some of the things about her:

–           She can hop, stand on one foot, go up and down stairs without help (although she usually wants a hand or the rail), kick a ball, throw a ball, loves to gallop, and can walk backward.  She can also walk on her tiptoes.

–          She loves to color and will work on making shapes and letters.  She also loves play dough.

–          She has a huge vocabulary.  Sometimes we wonder where she learned some of the words she says.  She also seems to understand and use the basic rules of grammar and can speak in quite long sentences (often 8+ words long).  She does still stutter some, but I think most people can understand her when she talks.

–          She loves to match things….match colors of different items….match pictures…anything

–          She can follow simple instructions and understands “now” or “later”

–          She can say her whole name (and her brothers whole name).  She also knows our first names.

–          She is still quite shy and is an observer of life (just like her mommy).  She takes a while to warm up to new places , people, and activities and prefers to sit back and watch for awhile before engaging.

–          She understands time pretty well (morning, bed time, nap time, etc)

–          She loves stories.  Instead of reading a book at night, she now wants us to tell her a story about her day.  Then, she will want to tell us a story about her day.

–          She knows every color and ever animal you can think of.  She knows most of her numbers up to 14, but she always skips 13.  She can also count objects pretty well up to about 10.  She also can tell you the ABC’s about 90% accurately (at least sing the song).  She can identify a few letters consistently including P and A.

–          She has an amazing memory.  She can see or hear something and days later recall it perfectly.

–          She loves to play with her babies and you will occasionally catch her pretend playing with them.  She also loves to play doctor.

–          She can undress herself pretty well, but still has a hard time dressing herself.  Depending on the shoes, she can put on and take off her own shoes.

–          She can brush her own teeth and can wash her own hands.

–          She is a picky eater.  She really loves sweets, but also likes bread products, cheese, and chicken.

–          She is not yet potty trained, but she is working hard on it

–          She sleeps from about 8 or 9 pm until about 9:00 am most days.  However, on school days she has to get up by 8:00.  She also still naps most days from about 3-6.    She just started sleeping in her toddler bed.

–          She finished 2K where she went to school 2 days per week and this fall will start 3K 3 days a week.

–          She is still very good natured (although shy) and rarely has temper tantrums.

–          She has adjusted very well to having a little brother.  She loves to “pet” him, hold his hand, and gives him kisses.  She does say that he is loud sometimes J  But, she is also a big helper with him.  She does not seem to be jealous of him at all and is very understanding when we can’t do something for her right when she asks for it.  She has gotten very used to hearing “just a minute”.

–          She is wearing 3T clothes and size 7 and some size 8 shoes.

–          She has yet to have a haircut and her hair is getting super long.

–          She loves animals, especially dogs.

–          She doesn’t really have a favorite toy, but she loves little things (ex. Little blocks, little dolls, etc…anything that she can pile up in a bucket) and she loves stuffed animals.  She still sleeps with “pink baby and green baby”, which are defiantly still her favorite night time toys.

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