30 week appointment


Today we went to our 30 week appointment and had the 4D ultrasound.

On the ultrasound, little Paige was unfortunately sleeply soundly the whole time, even though I just drank the first caffeine of my whole pregnancy to make sure she would be awake and moving!!  She does move her arms a little, opens her mouth a few times, and opens her eyes, but that is about it!  We got some cute pictures of her face though (but, with the anterior placenta, the images are not as clear as they could be).  Check out the You Tube videos, but brace yourself for 30 minutes of not very much excitement.  Hopefully she will be born as mellow a baby as she has been in the womb!

During the ultrasound we did find out that she is a hefty 3 pounds 14 ounces.  During the doctor’s appointment, we also found out that my tummy is measuring a little above the normal as well, so she is going to be a big one!  (just hopefully not too big….I am starting to worry about how she is actually going to be coming out 🙂  But, everything else is on track.  I gained another 4 pounds, but my weight gain is still below average.  Blood pressure is good, no swelling, and the doctor has no concerns.  She did say that I will likely have more ultrasounds so they can closely monitor her growth, so that is exciting!

Now I start going to the doctor every TWO weeks!  I can’t believe there are only 2 1/2 months left to go!  We still have so much to do!!!!


  1. MOM

    WOW – every 2 weeks! Soon it will be every week!! I’m glad she’s going to be BIG – maybe she’ll sleep LONGER!!

  2. Candi

    I know you guys are so excited. Sounds like you got the exact same report that Kira got at 30 weeks. She will be here before you know it!

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