Surprise 4d ultrasound!


I had my 27 week appointment today, which ended up being very exciting!

  • I did the glucose test and it was determined that I do NOT have gestational diabetes
  • The doctor measured my tummy and said there is still good growth happening
  • Paige’s heart rate is still good:  around 150 beats a minute
  • I gained 5 pounds since my last check-up 🙁
  • I got a surprise ultrasound!  I was talking to my doctor about the fact that Paige does not seem to move as much as some of co-workers have been describing.  And, I had just had that orange sugar drink and she really was not moving much.  So, Dr. Davis wanted to check on the level of amniotic fluid.  As luck would have it, the ultrasound technician that I had was the one that has the 4D machine, so she flipped the switch for a few great face shots!   It sure looks like she has inherited Eric’s lips (thank goodness) and his curly hair (I hope!).  She also confirmed that we are still having a girl, so there shouldn’t be any surprises on delivery day!
  • After the ultrasound, the doctor told me that I have an anterior placenta (I think that’s right) and typically women with the placenta in that location report less movement than others  🙁 

The next appointment is in 3 weeks.  Eric will be with me that time because we are going to get the full 4D ultrasound and be able to take home a 15 minute DVD of her moving, along with still frames!  Can’t wait for that!  Then, I will have to start going to the doctor every 2 weeks…that means the end is coming near!


  1. So glad that I found this on your FB page! Loved catching up and looking forward to the days ahead. I know you guys are so excited and SO BLESSED. John will have a little girlfriend!!! Lol~

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