15 Month Doctor’s Appointment


Today Paige had her 15 month doctor’s appointment.  She now weighs 22 pounds 8 ounces (50th percentile) and is 32 1/2 inches long (97th percentile).  But, she would not lay still for the baby scale and she wouldn’t stand alone on the standing scale, so her weight is probably a little higher.

The doctor said she was doing well developmentally, even though she is not walking yet.  But, it seems that she is talking, gesturing, eating, and using non verbal communication right on track.  She thinks that Paige could walk if she wanted to but just lacks the confidence.

Paige did get a few shots today including DtaP, Hib, polio, Hep A, and the flu shot, which was a combined 3 shots.  Poor Paige started uncontrorably crying as soon as she was layed down, but did not even wince when she got the actual shots.

Hopefully she stays healthy and we won’t have to see the doctor again until 18 months!

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