15 Months Old!


Paige is 15 months old today and growing up so fast!

– She is still a fast crawler and cruiser, but still no first steps.  She walks very well when holding on to 1 or 2 hands, but as soon as you try and let go (if you can pry your finger away from her), she drops to the ground.

– She now has 6 top teeth and 6 bottom teeth

– She is communicating a lot now, but not many actual words.  She says “ow” when she sees a cat (like saying “meow”), she says “da da” and “daddy” but still not “mama” very well.  She says “do” or “da” for dog.   She also says “no” and it is pretty clear when she means “no”.  Today she also learned “tick tock” when looking at the clock!  She also points at everything and usually says “a do”.

–   She loves being tickled and to be held upside down.  She is quite adventrous when it comes to things like that…

– She can do the following by vocal command only:  wave bye bye, clap her hands, shake her head yes and no, roll her hands, point to her belly (she sometimes pulls her shirt or dress up to point to her bare belly) , point to her hair, point to her nose, cough, and blow a kiss.  She can do all these commands back to back (and is the cutest thing in the world), but we still can’t get it on video!!!

– She is really understanding the use of household items:  she puts a brush to her hair, a toothbrush to her mouth (but sometimes she puts it to her hair also), a phone to her ear, and a spoon to her mouth.

– She is still very good natured and an overall happy baby.  She still does take time to warm up to people that she does not know well.

– She has pretty much stopped her thumb sucking recently.  And she still has not found a comfort item.  In fact, she still sleeps in her crib with absolutely nothing with her.

– She is very reserved with giving kisses.  Usually you ask her for a kiss and she shakes her head and say’s “no”, but every once in a while she comes at you with an open mouth and plants one on you!

– She is starting to not like bath time so much.  She still enjoys her toys, but hates getting her hair rinsed.

– Her sleep schedule is still basically the same.  She is sleeping 13+ hours a night!  She usually goes to bed between 8:00 and 9:00 pm and gets up at about 9:30 am.  She has dropped her morning nap (at least when she is at my parents house) and still has her 3 hour nap from about 3-6 pm every day.

–  She is still a tummy sleeper, often with her knees up on her chest.  She also moves a ton in her sleep, which is fun to watch on the TV and on my iphone while I am at work

– She is eating a lot these days.  She has about 12 ounces of milk per day, water, and eats meals 3 times a day.  She still likes jarred food, so she generally gets 3 jars of fruit per day along with basically whatever we are eating.  She is very adventurous in her eating and will eat nearly anything you give her.  However, she recently has started spitting out what she does not want, but luckily that is not very often.  Her favorite foods have got to be cheese and yogurt, but she loves chicken, pancakes, sausage, and any fruit.  She will feed herself just about anything but she still has not figured out how to use the spoon well.

– She weighs 22 pounds 8 ounces (50th percentile), is 32 1/2 inches long (97th percentile), and still has a 90th percentile Wilson head 🙂

– She has remained extremely healthy!  No colds, ear infections, fevers, etc. The only time she has ever had medication is when she has shots.  But, she has always had a multivitamin everyday. I think the year of breast milk was also a huge part of why she is so healthy.

– Her hair is still growing fast, but at a bad in between stage.  It does curl really cute in the back.  Unfortunately, she will not keep a hair bow in for long (unless you can distract her). 

– She is still wearing size 3 diapers.  At night we give her a size 3 with a size 4 on top to help with leaks during her long night of sleep.

– She is wearing 12-18 month size clothes.  Even though she is a big baby overall, she is still pretty lean.

– She still has quite small feet.  She is barely wearing a size 4 and babies her age should easily be wearing a size 5 or bigger.  My theory is this is partly when she is not walking…she has a lot of weight and height to balance on those tiny feet!

– Her favorite game is still “peek a boo”.

– She loves looking at pictures and videos on the computer (especially of herself) 🙂  She also loves playing with some iphone apps.

– She still really loves books.  She will sit on your lap, hold a book, and turn all the pages for you.  Of all her toys, books are her favorite.

– She still loves to go places.  She has usual weekly outings to the mall, Sams, and Costco.

– We still have lots of little nicknames for her (or “terms of endearment” since I hate nicknames).  I often call her “swooters”, “tooters”, or “pooters” or any any combination of those.  Eric calls her “little baby” and “sweetie pie dumplin pants” and my dad calls her “boogress”.

– She is still super cute 🙂

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