InfantSEE eye exam!


Today we took Paige for an InfantSEE eye exam today….an AMAZING comprehensive FREE eye exam for babies 6-12 months!  She did really well with checking her peripheral vision, focusing on objects, and checking vision with the flash cards but she did not like getting 3 eye drops per eye or the actual eye exam (but she recovered super fast from both unpleasant events).  The doctor said she looks really good but that she does have an astigmatism in both eyes.  He predicts that she will not need glasses until she is driving age or older.   We will not have to take her back for an eye exam until she is about 3 years old, unless we notice anything unusual with her eyes or vision.

As we were leaving, I put on her sunglasses and another patient there said she looked like Paris Hilton.  So cute!

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