Today Paige, my parents, and I took Paige for her first trip to the zoo!  She was having a good time until a black swan swam right up to her….she actually screamed!  Poor thing was so scared.  She also was nearly involved in a rooster fight!  But, we have a membership now and are looking forward to taking her to the zoo at least a few times a month!



Paige was a precious little bumble bee this halloween!


We only took her to my parent’s house this year to trick or treat and they gave her some of her favorite age appropriate treats (cherrios, apple crisps, and a granola bar)!  Paige also had her first taste of chocolate (Nestle Crunch) and LOVED it!  I would give her a tiny bite and she would shake her head “yes”.  So cute!

4th of July!


Today was Paige’s last “first” holiday!  She had a good time grilling out with my parents and looked precious in her 4th of July dress.  But, she was asleep long before the fireworks started in the neighborhood.

Family Time!


Paige got to meet my cousin Nancy and her family tonight, who were passing through town.  Paige did so well (after she had a few minutes to scope out the situation) and did not cry or complain a bit!