Busy Day!


Paige had a busy day today!  First, we spent the first half of the day with Ashlee and her son Jesse.  We went consignment shopping and out for lunch.  Paige and Jesse had a good time getting to know each other…Paige was very intrigued by his head and his eyeball and I think she was suprised to see a person smaller than she is!

Then, we went to Hannah’s 3rd birthday party (where we forgot to take pictures!)  Once she got out of her car seat, she had a blast looking around and even let a few people hold her!  It seems like her stranger anxiety may be a thing of the past!

Paige had a great time all day but was more than ready for her nap when we got home!

Work Baby Shower


Today I had a baby shower at work!  Thanks to everyone for coming and for all the great gifts!  I got a lot of basic baby stuff (most of which I did not have) like diapers, wipes, shampoo, lotion, onesies, first aid things, pacifiers, etc….  Now I think we are pretty much all set!

Baby Shower!


This afternoon was Paige’s baby shower!  Thanks to everyone for coming and the great gifts!  And a HUGE special thanks to a GREAT friend Carlie and her mom Biddy for throwing the shower for me!  The food and decorations were great and they did not do anything to embarass me!  I could not have asked for a more perfect shower!!!