Well Trent just opened the refrigerator….


Well he picked out the right milk!  🙂  I hope the refrigerator was not closed all the way or something?  But I did watch him open it…. I thought he wouldn’t be able to.  🙂

Trent unlocked a dead bolt. :)


Bad picture for something bad Trent did…. Trent unlocked the back door dead bolt. For a one year old maybe it’s a record?  🙂

Paige and Trent went to there first Circuis

Paige and Trent both went to there first circus today! They both had lots of fun.

Its was the Zamora Shrine Circus which is 10 times better than Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey Circus. You don’t have to go to downtown Birmingham and you can purchase things there! Everything was $3! Pretty nice.

Trent slept in his own room!

Trent slept in his own room for his naps and 1/2 his night time sleeping event. I thinks that his lamp in his room threw him off at night? I hope he does better tomorrow.  🙂