Paige Can Open Doors!

Paige can open doors now and see did it three times.

Potty time…part 2

We had a poo poo in the potty and later another pee pee!  Paige seemed a little freaked out about seeing the poo poo in the potty, but she got 2 stickers and was super happy 🙂 

She just might be potty trained before we ever really start!

Potty time!

We have not been pushing the potty on Paige, but we have had it out so she can be familiar with it.  She has sat on it quite a few times, but only gotten a drop or two. 

Well, tonight, Paige told us she wanted to go pee pee on the potty, we took her, and she sat for a minute then went PEE PEE!   Hopefully this is good sign for when we really start trying to potty train her!

TWO years old!

Paige is 2 years old today!

– The biggest change in the last 6 months is that Paige is now talking up a storm.  She repeats everything you say and really seems to retain a whole lots of those words.  She still says some things that we can’t understand, but for the most part she is able to communicate what she wants effectively.  Some of my favorite words of hers (and they are my favorite because she says them so cute) are:  “tickle” and she lifts her arm up when she says it, “ya ya” which means hat, “fi fi” which means elephant, “giraffe”, “no way”, “nice” and “bu na” for balloon.  She also calls every dog “Rocco”, unless it is a spotted dog, which is “Pepsi”.  Every cat is a “meow”.  She also pretty much exclusivly calls herself “baby” instead of “Paige”.   It’s hard to say how many words are in her vocabulary now, but I would say it well over 100.  But, she is still really not putting 2 words together very often. 

– Now she is not only walking but she is running.  She loves to run laps through the kitchen and living room, sometimes stopping to turn around in circles in the foyer.   She can also walk backwards, which she thinks is funny.

– She can name (or at least point to) almost every body part including hands, feet, nose, eye, chin, cheek, head, hair, tummy, back, bottom, ears, teeth, mouth, nails, knees, toes. 

– She can also name daddy and mommy, grandmommy and grandaddy, and nana and pop by the correct name. 

– She can name alomst every animal there is (or at least point to it in a book). 

– She is also starting to learn the difference between hot and cold and wet and dry

– She is not really showing any signs of the terrible 2’s, but she can found that she likes the word “mine”.  She will wrap her arms around something and say “mine” while moving side to side.  But, she is stil usually good natured about it and will let you take it without a tantrum.  In fact, I think she has only had 1 or 2 real temper tantrums her whole life!

– She is learning to count 1-10, learn her ABC’s, and her colors.  So far she can count 1-2 very well but can go to 10 with help, can identify A 100% of the time but also seems to know about 5 other letters 50% of the time, and knows the color pink. 

– She has incredible eyesight.  She can look at a magainze with tiny tiny little pictuers and point out a dog, or a deer, or anything. She will show you and you have to look for a few minutes to find it!  She also seems to have an incredible memory!

-She knows all the houshold uses for most everything:  comb, brush, toothbrush, keys, phone, remote contol, utensils, etc.  She can point out all sorts of items in books that you didn’t even know she knew!

– She tried hard to put on her own shoes and shorts, but has not started to really try to undress herself.   Which is good for now but bad when we start potty training soon!

– She loves going to Gymboree and even has a little boy that she likes in her class 🙂  But, her favorite part of gymboree is getting stamps at the end of class.  She will put out each hand, each foot, and lift her shirt/dress for another stamp on her tummy. 

– She can go up stairs by herself (standing) if she can hold onto a rail,  but going down she still needs a hand to hold. 

– She loves to play with balls and is pretty good and kicking it and throwing it.  But, usually she wants me to bounce it or throw it up in the air and catch it. 

– She still loves to stack blocks and can usually get up to 6 or so without any problems. 

– She is really good about following simple commands, my favorite being “clean up” 🙂  She also will pick out her shoes when asked and she usually can coordinate with her outfit very well 🙂

– She is still very good natured and an overall happy toddler but is still shy and needs time to warm up to people that she does not know well.  But, going to Gymboree seems to have really helped. 

-She now sleeps with about 5 babies in her bed and she has a particular place that she wants each one of them! 

– She still loves to give kisses and now she also give fantastic hugs. She will reach around, pat your back, and say “awwww”.  So precious. 

– She also loves to give “5” and do do fist bumps, which she calls “boom ba’s”.  She also likes to boom ba her babies, Rocco, and kitty.  It is especially cute when she give Rocco 4 boom ba’s….1 for each foot 🙂

– She loves her baths.  We tell her its time for a bath and she uses her baby sign language sign for bath and usually runs for the stairs!

– Her sleep schedule is still basically the same.  She is sleeping 13+ hours a night!  She usually goes to bed between 8:00 and 9:00 pm and gets up at about 10:00 am.  She still usually has her 3 hour nap from about 3-6 pm every day, but has skipped it several times without any problems.

– She has become a much more picky eater.  Her favorite food is definatley bread but luckily she still like her milk (with her daily vitamins).  But, she will put something in her mouth and instantly spit it out if she doesn’t want it.

– She now weighs 27.2 pounds (50-75th percentile) and is 34 1/2 inches tall (75-90th percentile).  She also is still in the 90th percentile for her head size.

– She has remained extremely healthy!  She has only had 2 minor colds her whole life!  But, I am sure this will soon change when she starts going to pre-K

– She is still wearing size 3 diapers.  At night we give her a size 4 with a size 4 on top to help with leaks during her long night of sleep.

– She is wearing 24 month and 2 T tops and dresses but she can still wear 12-18 months shorts. We are going to have a problem this fall and winter because a 18 month pant will not be nearly long enought!

– She still has quite small feet.  She is wearing size 5 sandals for the most part

– Her favorite toys are still books.  She loves to pick out books and will sit next to you or on your lap while you read the whole thing to her.  She also enjoys pointing things out that she see’s in the books (and everywhere else we may be).  Her second favorite toy is probably her Gymbo the Clown or her Minnie.

 – She still loves looking at pictures and videos on the computer or iphone (especially of herself, who she see’s and refers to as “baby”) 🙂 

– She still loves to go places and is a fantasic, patient shopper.  She gets so excited when she sees the mall!

– She loves seeing me put on makeup….she will stand right beside me and say “makeup” and I will pretend to put everything on her.  If Eric is home, she will run to show him each time I put some on her. 

– She is still super cute 🙂