High Chair


I assembled the high chair today.  Thanks Meredith!  It is really nice!

Nursery letters- update


We hung up the letters in Paige’s room today.  I think it looks really good!


Later, my mom and sister came over!

Nursery Letters


We got the letters that spell her name to hang in the nursery.  Let’s see how long it takes Eric to hang them up! 🙂

Rearranged the Living Room


We totally rearranged the living room to make room for the swing, pack n’ play, and toys.  It takes getting used to, but I think it looks pretty good.

Paint and a changing table


I’m so excited! Eric painted the nursery today and we picked up the changing table/dresser for our bedroom! Look for pictures tomorrow because Eric still has to touch up the paint in some places and move the nursery furniture back in place. Hopefully we will get the wood letters that spell her name in soon…we ordered them off ebay a few weeks ago. I think they will look really good against the pink wall!

Furniture delivered!


Today the furniture was delivered!  It was only about 6 weeks from the time we ordered, which is great because we thought it was going to be 8-10 weeks at a minimum.  Unfortunatley, because it came so fast, we did not have time to paint!  But, now that the furniture is here and the bedding is all set up, I suppose we can better tell what color we want to paint.  That will be the next project…..

We ordered the furniture!

We ordered the furniture today.  They say it will be 8-10 weeks, but we will have to wait and see…..

Baby furniture!


I got to see the baby furniture today.  But somehow got to get out of shopping for it!  It is Munire brand furniture and it is a convertible system.