Christmas 2010


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We had a very nice Christmas Day this year.  First, Paige got to open her gifts from us and from Santa.  Then, Eric’s parents and sister Melissa came over to see us.  Next, we went to my parents house for Christmas lunch.  Paige had fun all day but was ready for her afternoon nap!  Then, we had a relaxing evening at home just the 3 of us 🙂

Paige also got to enjoy a kind of white Christmas!  It didn’t stick, but it snowed throughout most of the day!



Today we went to see Santa and clearly Paige was not happy about it!  But, I think the picture is still super cute.

Paige did have a blast walking all over the mall today….she loved going up and down stairs with her daddy, eating pretzels, looking at the decorations, and going to Build A Bear for a Clarice!