15 Month Doctor’s Appointment


Today Paige had her 15 month doctor’s appointment.  She now weighs 22 pounds 8 ounces (50th percentile) and is 32 1/2 inches long (97th percentile).  But, she would not lay still for the baby scale and she wouldn’t stand alone on the standing scale, so her weight is probably a little higher.

The doctor said she was doing well developmentally, even though she is not walking yet.  But, it seems that she is talking, gesturing, eating, and using non verbal communication right on track.  She thinks that Paige could walk if she wanted to but just lacks the confidence.

Paige did get a few shots today including DtaP, Hib, polio, Hep A, and the flu shot, which was a combined 3 shots.  Poor Paige started uncontrorably crying as soon as she was layed down, but did not even wince when she got the actual shots.

Hopefully she stays healthy and we won’t have to see the doctor again until 18 months!


It sure sounds like she is saying “daddy”

Super Cute Video!

Here is a super cute video of Paige….actually, Eric called it “the trifecta of cuteness”.  We have a wave, clapping, and saying “hey”!  I also love the super crazy morning hair 🙂

Waving Bye Bye!

Paige has been waving bye bye for months, but we are never able to get it on camera!  Tonight, she was watching videos with her daddy on the computer and waved when requested in the video!  So cute!

Now the next mission is to get her pointing to a nose in a book then pointing at her own nose!  She also can point to her hair!

Brushing Teeth!

Paige LOVES to have her teeth brushed!  But, she seems to like the toothbrush on your finger better than the tootbrush with a handle.

Party time!

invite.jpg4781964632_3686bfdd38_b.jpgparty table.jpg4782033364_ccc4ea69d7_b.jpgbirthday01.jpg4782226428_36ee807909_b.jpgbirthday02.jpgbirthday03.jpg


Today was Paige’s 1st Birthday party!!!  She had a lot of fun with everyone, crawling around, playing with Hannah, opening her gifts, and eating.  We were afraid she was going to be overwhelmed and cry, but she was great!  The only time she even complained was when she was in her high chair with her smash cake.

We had BBQ sandwiches, chips, potato salad, cole slaw, crock pot dip, cake, and ice cream.  Unfortunately, Paige did not enjoy her smash cake..she put her hand in it for a second and then tried to hand me the icing!  But, she did eat some cake off a fork with my mom and really liked it!

We had so much fun and were so thankful for all those that came out to spend the day with our special little princess!  Even though Paige will not remember it, Eric and I feel truly blessed!



We had a great time with Paige on her birthday!  In the morning, we took her to Aldridge Gardens to take pics (on the post below).  In the evening, we went out to dinner with my parents at Logan’s (Paige’s favorite restaurant…she loves the rolls, sweet potatoes, and mac n cheese).   She also had her first real taste of sugar with her little birthday cupcake!  She seemed to enjoy it but did not really dig into it.

Morning time!

Here is a cute little video of Paige getting up in the morning.  She always wakes up in such a good mood!

Stair Climber!

Paige is now officially a stair climber.  Who knows how long she had this skill before we let her try!  She just climbed them like she knew what she was doing!

Sippy cup

Paige has been very resistant to the sippy cup (so far we have tried 5 different brands/types).  But, it is really cute to watch her try to figure it out!

Any suggestions for us?