Zoolight Safari!


Tonight we went to Zoolight Safari at the Birmingham Zoo!  Even though it was cold and windy, we had lots of fun riding the train and the carousel.  Paige loved the train and was busy pointing at all the different lights around the track.  She did not like the carousel as much….we put her on one of the animals and she shook her head “no”.

Zoo trip!


Today, Eric, Paige and I all went to the zoo.  Paige had a much better time this go around.  The highlight was that we got to feed the giraffe!  Well, I fed the giraffe while Paige watched and Eric took pictures.  It was funny how she was not the slightest bit scared of the huge giraffe but she would still skake her head “no” at most of the animals who were far away and behind a fence.

When we left, we bought Paige a giraffe stuffed animal (which she adores).