Busy Day!


Paige had a busy day today!  First, we spent the first half of the day with Ashlee and her son Jesse.  We went consignment shopping and out for lunch.  Paige and Jesse had a good time getting to know each other…Paige was very intrigued by his head and his eyeball and I think she was suprised to see a person smaller than she is!

Then, we went to Hannah’s 3rd birthday party (where we forgot to take pictures!)  Once she got out of her car seat, she had a blast looking around and even let a few people hold her!  It seems like her stranger anxiety may be a thing of the past!

Paige had a great time all day but was more than ready for her nap when we got home!

Consignment Shopping Season


Today I went to the Birmingham Moms of Multiples consignment sale.  It was 50% off from 11-1 and I got about 15 items for about $20!

There is another consignment sale next week and another next month, so I think we will easily get Paige set up on clothes for this fall and winter!

Bedding accessories


We ordered a few accessories for the BananaFish Bubble Gum bedding set from Target.  They are really cute and look great in the nursery!

New bottles


One of the items that we purchased was bottles from Babies R Us.  Paige started drinking 3-4 oz instead of 2 oz.  She is really growing up!

Paige’s first shopping trip!


We all went to Babies R Us today which was Paige’s first shopping trip.  We purchased lots of stuff for Paige and she was good while she was there.

Our Car Seat


We took the car seat out of the box.  We still need to take it to the fire department to be installed.

Toy Basket


We bought a toy basket (and filled it up with toys from Eric’s mom)



We set up the co-sleeper…actually, it is still in the hallway, but we wanted to start getting the dogs used to it.  It will probably move into the bedroom in the next few weeks, but I will have to get rid of my nightstand first and kick Samantha out of the room, which is a bummer.

New Stuff


Eric’s mom got us a stroller frame and a pink diaper champ!

50% off day

Today was 50% off day at Kids Market!  There was still tons of stuff, so it took my mom and I over 3 hours to go through all the sizes up to 12 months.  But, it was worth the time and energy because we got 33 precious outfits for baby Paige (after we put back at least 40-50 other items)!  Luckily I thought to bring my handy-cart, which saved our arms a lot of pain!

I also was able to get 4 more maternity shirts at 50% off.  Now I think I have all the clothes I need to make it though the next 3 months!