Trent slept over 9 hours!

Trent slept over 9 hours which was really great! I really hope this trend sticks around. But little Trent might have been extra worn out from the day before. He seemed like he was up all day demanding all sorts of stuff. 🙂

Fall Festival Fun!


Tonight we went to Valleydale Baptist Fall Festival with our friends Carlie and David and it was practically like being at a fair/carnival!  Paige was too young for most everything this year, but she had a lot of fun swinging, eating, and hanging out with her friends!  We can’t wait to go back next year but hopefully it will be cooler….Paige was on fire in her little bumble bee outfit!

Pumpkin Patch!


Today Paige went to her first pumpkin patch in Clanton, AL (even though we did not go to the actual patch)!  She had a lot of fun watching all the activity but was in a very serious mood and we could not get one picture of her smiling!

Twinkies :)


Aren’t they cute!  (Eric did not plan this when he got Paige dressed this morning) 🙂

4 more teeth?


It looks like Paige has 4 new top teeth coming in!  Her teeth have been coming in in a very strange pattern…

(poor little Paige looks like she was not enjoying this picture being taken)



Paige loves to give kisses but they are very juicy.  But, you have to be careful because she might try to give you a french kiss (and you may have DHR knocking on your door)!