Dog collar to fix our refrigerator?


A normal dog collar to fix our refrigerator from “magically” opening.  🙂  Our old method was the green Velcro which you can see.  I also use the Velcro to remove access to drawers.

Paige’s first gaming session. :)

Paige played some Nintendo WII Mario Cart today.  She had fun…. After some time she was able to finish a whole race (3 laps).  Didn’t break any records today.   🙂 imageimageimageimage

Paige sent her first text message and used Siri.

Okay Siri is stupid. But Paige used the voice recognition in Siri to send her first text message to her Mommy! It said “I want my palm please please”. It should have said dog but close I guess? Well Mommy threw her dog up the stairs. So Paige sent another text “Ah thank you mommy”.   🙂

Paige got her nails painted!

Wow that took a little while. 🙂 Paige was playing with her makeup kit and was pretending to paint her nails. When Susan ask Paige want to paint your nails for real? Paige said yes then Susan grabbed the nail polish and started painted! 🙂