Trent ate 7 chicken nuggets!


Well Trent ate 7 chicken nuggets today!  Also a couple fries….  All I heard was “More…. More!”  🙂

Dog collar to fix our refrigerator?


A normal dog collar to fix our refrigerator from “magically” opening.  🙂  Our old method was the green Velcro which you can see.  I also use the Velcro to remove access to drawers.

Well Trent just opened the refrigerator….


Well he picked out the right milk!  🙂  I hope the refrigerator was not closed all the way or something?  But I did watch him open it…. I thought he wouldn’t be able to.  🙂

Trent unlocked a dead bolt. :)


Bad picture for something bad Trent did…. Trent unlocked the back door dead bolt. For a one year old maybe it’s a record?  🙂